Why Retro Shirtz

A midwestern work ethic with a dedication to customer service

We take pride in our work, because we’ve trained, practiced, and refined until we got it right. Our online shirt shop has a high attention to detail, promotes excellence, provides quick service, and produces high-quality t-shirts and apparel.┬áThe staff works with the philosophy that every order, whether one shirt or 1,000 should be printed with care. We value your feedback and take both compliments and criticism.


Our store’s policy is an immediate rejection of any apparel or prints that are less than perfect. We believe the customer should always be treated right. That means taking care of you, listening to your needs, and helping you however we can.

A Better

All t-shirt orders are made custom-to-order with our state-of-the-art garment printers. These t-shirt printing machines support full-color designs and can print a single shirt in minutes. That means our shirts are of the highest-quality and reach our customers within days.

A Loyal

We are very strict when hiring our staff, and every last staff member has been personally trained by the store owners. We start with great people who are fun, smart and artistic. We then hone their graphic design skills, while fostering an atmosphere of learning and development.

How Can We Improve?

We value your feedback and take both compliments and criticism. And we get better from both. Please contact us, we’d be happy to hear from you. If you are ever the slightest bit dissatisfied with your apparel, let us know. We will do our best to make it right.