What Happens Under The Mistletoe – XMAS061 – Christmas T-Shirts



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Product Care and Information

  • S-2XL: Gildan Ring Spun 4.5 oz., 100% Cotton, Semi-fitted
  • 3XL-5XL: Gildan Ultra Cotton 6.1 oz., 100% Cotton
  • Pink shirts: Gildan Ultra Cotton 6.1 oz., 100% Cotton
  • 6XL: Port & Company 6.1 oz., 100% Cotton
  • Care: Machine wash cold with like colors, hang dry recommended. Cotton shirts will shrink under high heat in the dryer.


Under the Mistletoe

You know how what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? The same is true for the mistletoe this year. With this naughty Christmas shirt, you can make sure to let everyone know that what happens under the mistletoe, stays under the mistletoe. With a Vegas sign that says it loud and proud, you know you’re getting the point across when the time comes. It is definitely going to be a naughty Christmas and now you’re able to be a part of it with the right shirt that doesn’t make you say anything at all.

Christmas Sex

This bro shirt really makes a statement. Have a little Christmas sex, have a little booze, have a little laughs and not necessarily in that order. You can have much more than a mistletoe kiss this holiday season when you wear this funny Christmas shirt for one and all to see. With the bright flashing lights you’d expect to see with the Vegas sign, this shirt just brings the mistletoe to you and lets those out there know that it is your little secret. No longer do you have to go to Vegas for those.

Vegas Christmas

So the next time you want to have a true Vegas Christmas, then make sure to throw on this mistletoe shirt. This is where you’re going to do all of the gambling that is out there and perhaps it is going to be with the ladies. Remember, even though you know that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, the same is true for the mistletoe that is hanging above your head this holiday season. Make the most of the ladies that you come across and know you’re getting all of the kisses that you can. A man should never kiss and tell, but we won’t tell if you do.