Our Printing

Newer technology, higher quality

Garment Printing

We use ultra high-end technology Garment Printers, which individually apply CMYK and white inks directly onto the surface of the fabric fibers.

We then cure the ink with a high pressure and high heat process to bond the ink directly into the fabric fibers. Due to this bonding process, in some designs, fabric fiber color may react with ink color on a very minimal level. In most cases, this involves a slight color interaction between the shirt color and print color. Because of this process, orders with multiple shirt colors and the same print design, may have slight variations in color of the print design between each shirt color.

Screen Color vs. Ink Color

On the individual product pages, our online shirt shop has provided a mock up for each product that approximates the graphic design on each shirt color.

Because computers, mobile devices and screen settings vary from device to device, it is not possible for our shop to provide an exact color representation for each product. Shirt color and graphic design color may vary slightly from your shop view to the actual printed product.