10 Great Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Bring a little ugly to the party with these ugly Christmas sweaters that wrap everything all up into one. With the holiday joys, the itchy goodness and the ‘no one cares’ about those ugly ass things, you can wear a t shirt, its close enough, isn’t it?

1. Christmas Vacation Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Vacation Cover Graphic T-Shirt - green shirt design on a model

Hey Griswold, did you set up those lights correctly? We are not sure, since you are electrocuted. Empty the shitter at the bottom and know that this is probably going to win the prize out of all the ugly Christmas sweaters out there. Mostly because who doesn’t love Christmas Vacation? View in Store

2. Jingle Bells Batman Smells Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Jingle Bells Batman Smells Robin Laid An Egg Graphic T-Shirt - black shirt design on a model

Batman, get ‘em this holiday season. Of course, Batman smells and Robin laid an egg, so the jingle goes. When you need an ugly Christmas sweater, this might be a winner. Get everyone singing the jingle, remarking about the Bat symbols and having a little holiday festive cheer, or not. It’s up to you on how you want to celebrate. View in Store

3. Santa Mario Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Mario Santa Punching Bricks - Graphic T-Shirt - royal shirt design on a model

Santa Mario is on his way, to bring presents to good girls and boys. We are sure you didn’t make the list, but this shirt is cool anyway. Jump and grab those stars, grab those perks, become super Santa and deliver at super speed. This holiday season isn’t about winning that sweater contest but about rocking a totally cool Mario Santa shirt. View in Store

4. Labyrinth Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Labyrinth Graphic T-Shirt - grey shirt design on a model

The Labyrinth is where it’s at and if you haven’t seen faceless characters before, then this might win the ugly Christmas sweater contest. Who knew that putting all of the famous characters in one shirt could be so… well, ugly. It is definitely a keeper though for those fans out there that want to wear something that fits in with the theme. View in Store

5. Humping Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Humping Reindeer Graphic T-Shirt - red shirt design on a model

Humping reindeer! Yes, you heard that right. They’re humping, right on the sweater, neatly lined up, ready to go. When it comes to the reindeers that are showing off their moves, this is where the love is happening. Trust us, this is the best sweater to wear. If you’re looking for the holy grail of ugly Christmas sweaters, we swear, it’s the best one. It will win. View in Store

6. Jolliest Bunch Of Assholes Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Jolliest Bunch Of Assholes This Side Of The Nuthouse Graphic T-Shirt - white shirt design on a model

Shout out to your family! Wear this sweater when you want to let everyone know that they’re the best and the nuthouse has let out for the holidays. Getting everyone together can be tough, getting them in ugly sweaters is tougher. Make sure you’re covered when you’re giving those assholes the best shout out they’ve ever had! View in Store

7. Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweater Graphic T-Shirt - navy shirt design on a model

Dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur on patrol! When it comes to stomping down trees, kicking dino ass and taking names, this is the sweater of the sweaters. Do something a bit differently. Santas flying high in the corner, the dinos are kicking it and you’re ready to take on the ugly Christmas sweaters that arrive at this holiday party. You and your prehistoric friends got this. View in Store

8. Minions Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ba - Na - Na - Na Graphic T-Shirt main vector design

Speaking of something totally off topic, the minions are going to give a shout out with ba-na-na and you can get in on this action. People might wonder what you were thinking. Hey, that’s life. You can leave them all guessing. Put on these yellow little guys and make sure to show them off, saying you got that ugly sweater notice and you’re rocking it. View in Store

9. Cat Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Meowy Christmas Graphic T-Shirt - green shirt design on a model

For all you crazy cat people out there or those that just want to be assholes, this meowy catmus ugly Christmas sweater is for you. Show it off, check out looks and let everyone know your cats are your fam. It can never be any other way. No, really… it can’t be. Cats are life. View in Store

10. Frozen Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Frozen Graphic T-Shirt - navy shirt design on a model - Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Frozen is what we all love and now you can be the life of the ugly sweater party when it comes to wearing something everyone loves. Sven, Elsa, Anna and Olaf are holding hands, singing songs and are just as happy as can be on the front of this print. Yeah, yeah. We are going soft, but it might win your sweater contest out of love. View in Store