Funny Christmas Shirts that will get you on the Naughty List

Looking to be a little naughty this holiday season? Look no further. These funny Christmas shirts are going to make sure that not only are you the life of the party but you might also be the one kicked out of the party, banned for life and guarantee coal in your stocking this year.

1. Grinch Middle Finger Funny Christmas Shirts

Grinch Middle Finger Funny Christmas Shirts - red shirt design on a model

Who says that the grinch just hates Christmas, he might hate you all, as well. Wear the finger loud and proud to the next holiday party and this can be put at the top of the funny Christmas shirts list out there to make your mother proud. Even though he hates Christmas, doesn’t mean you have to love it, either.

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2. Vodka Funny Christmas Shirts

I'm full of christmas spirit it's called vodka Funny Christmas Shirts - white shirt design on a model

Aren’t you full of Christmas spirits? We know you want to be when it comes to this crazy ass holiday time. Fill up, get wasted, who cares. It is the holidays after all. You might get kicked out of the party and you might get coal in your stocking, but it will be worth it. Naughty or nice, it doesn’t matter, you got the Christmas spirits in hand!

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3. Puts Out For Santa Funny Christmas Shirts

Puts Out For Santa Funny Christmas Shirts - black shirt on a model

Who wouldn’t put out for Santa? If he’s hot enough, right? You brought the sack, now it’s time to unload. Where’s the cookies at? When it comes to funny Christmas shirts, this one takes the cake… cookies? Wear it loud and proud and let everyone know that Santa is getting his own special cookies put out on the table this year.

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4. Thigh Tickler Funny Christmas Shirts

The Original Thigh Tickler For Naughty Girls Funny Christmas Shirts - grey shirt design on a model

Do you know who the original thigh tickler is? Do you strive to be more like Santa? When it comes to tickling thighs, you wouldn’t have it any other way than to wear this funny Christmas shirt out to the Christmas party. You might get some looks from it, but it can be well worth it when you smile back, big beard and all.

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5. Nice Package Funny Christmas Shirts

Nice Package Funny Christmas Shirts - red shirt design on a model

Wrap those packages, get out your sack and know that you’re sharing those packages with one and all. Who has a nice package? We are sure you do. Why not get in the Christmas spirit and share your package with all that are at the party. They might laugh, they might not. Either way, it was worth it.

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6. Mistletoe Funny Christmas Shirts

Look What's Under The Mistletoe Funny Christmas Shirts - black shirt design on a model

Have you checked under the mistletoe lately? Do you know whats hanging there? I am sure it wants a kiss from the next person that comes around. If you’re looking for funny Christmas shirts that might make you get banned forever from those holiday parties – look no further! We have your back bro, try this shirt out.

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7. Yule Log Funny Christmas Shirts

My Yule Log is Huge Funny Christmas Shirts - red shirt design on a model

Is your yule log really all that huge? Who cares! Let them think it is anyway! When you throw on this shirt, they can be under the impression that the log your packing is actually that big. Why not show it off? Who said that funny Christmas shirts had to be clean? Your yule log isn’t a dirty thing, is it?

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8. Fucking Reindeer Funny Christmas Shirts

Look at My Fucking Reindeer Funny Christmas Shirts - black shirt design on a model

What are those fucking reindeer up to now? When it comes to funny Christmas shirts, you can be sure to catch them doing something you might not want to see. But guess what, now everyone else can look at your fucking reindeer as you walk around the party showing them for all to see. You’re welcome.

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9. Ho Cubed Funny Christmas Shirts

Ho Cubed Funny Christmas Shirts - lime shirt design on a model

Ho to the 3rd power has you mesmerized with each and every ho that it takes on. It has been shown that two’s company, threes a crowd but who gives a shit about that saying? Take on all the ho, ho, ho’s and have yourself a merry little Christmas this holiday season. We are pretty sure your boss knows where to find them!

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10. What Happens Under The Mistletoe Stays Under The Mistletoe Funny Christmas Shirts

What Happens Under The Mistletoe Stays Under The Mistletoe Funny Christmas Shirts - red shirt design on a model

What? This isn’t Vegas? Don’t worry, your secrets are never told. Make sure to know that what happens under the mistletoe is going to stay there. Forever. Maybe longer. Maybe you’ll have to tell someone, something. Or not. That trip to Vegas has nothing on these funny Christmas shirts, do they?

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