10 Best Shirts with Christmas Movie Quotes

Kicking ass and taking names, who is down? Cool movie quotes are great to wear everywhere. See who knows where the quotes are from and how they impact them. If not, you might not want to be their friend. Its the holidays, make the most of them with a shirt that rocks!

1. You Serious Clark? – Christmas Movie Quotes

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You Serious Clark? That’s what they’re all going to say. Yes, Clark is serious. He means business, doesn’t he? When it comes to that bonus, he wants to let his boss know where to stick it. Of course, when it comes to whether or not you’re serious, you might want to refrain from telling someone where they can stick it.

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2. Staching Through the Snow – Christmas Movie Quotes

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‘Staching through the snow are Christmas movie quotes, or are they? Regardless. Got a stache? Wanna show it off? Here is where you can! Purchase the shirt that is going to get everyone dashing through that ‘staching snow. We got you covered bro and we can cover all of your friends that might want to dash, as well.

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3. Festivus – Christmas Movie Quotes

This is a link to the Festivus For The Rest Of Us Christmas Movie Quotes product page

Festivus for the rest of us gets you out of the pressures of Christmas, but when it comes to cool movie quotes, this one is going to make it to the top of the list. Seinfeld is where it’s from and if they don’t know that, they’re too young anyway. Celebrate your Festivus the right way with a little Seinfeld.

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4. Fragile – Christmas Movie Quotes

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Fraaaagillllayyyyy. Isn’t that how its pronounced? When it comes to putting the leg up on the stand, turning on the light and watching her glow bright for all to see, you want this shirt. You want to let everyone know that the fragile package showed up at your house. Make sure that the world is prepared to see what you have to offer when wearing this awesome Christmas movie quote.

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5. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Christmas Movie Quotes

this is a link to the You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Christmas Movie Quotes product page

Wont’ you shoot your eye out kid? We are sure you won’t with that Red Rider BB gun you asked for. But as one of the top known Christmas movie quotes, this is a must have for those holiday shirts that you want to wear out and about. Everyone knows the quote, so everyone should know your shirt.

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6. Sweet Little Baby Jesus – Christmas Movie Quotes

This is a link to the Happy Birthday Sweet Little Baby Jesus Christmas Movie Quotes product page

Ricky Bobby said it the best when it comes to that sweet baby Jesus, now you can wear that Christmas movie quote right on the shirt you throw on. The birth of 8 pound 6 ounce sweet baby Jesus made us all want more for Christmas. Now you can show off that quote and make everyone laugh, just a little, at just how much Jesus weighed at birth.

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7. Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins – Christmas Movie Quotes

This is a link to the Don't Be A Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins Cool Movie Quotes product page

Elf! You’re at it again! Something just doesn’t seem right and with this shirt that has a cool movie quote on it, you can be sure that you’re not a cotton headed ninny muggins. You’re just who you are. Elf might feel left out and not the same as the other elves, but this shirt sure does look good on you, regardless of whether or not you fit in.

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8. Son Of A Nutcracker! Cool Movie Quotes

This is a link to the Son Of A Nutcracker! Christmas Movie Quotes product page

Who is the son of a nutcracker, we are sure you all know. When it comes to rocking this shirt and cool movie quote, everyone is going to have a laugh or two. Make sure they pay attention and read it all. Ugly sweater style, you can be the life of the party and let others know they’re sons of nutcrackers too, just like you!

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9. Bah Humbug Cool Movie Quotes

This is a link to the The Original Bah Humbug Moneylenders Inc Cool Movie Quotes product page

Scrooge is who you might be, the game of giving is not for me. When it comes to being a Bah Humbug, this is the shirt you’re going to wear this holiday season. Not giving to the poor, but realizing when it is too late to do something about it. Put on that cheery face and take Christmas as it comes you scrooge! Enjoy it!

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10. So Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want Cool Movie Quotes

This is a Link to the So Tell Me Want You What You Really Really Want Christmas Movie Quotes product page

So tell me what you want, what you really, really want and more. Sing it, because saying it is just not the same. Let Santa know what it is you really want this holiday season and the Spice Girls are sure to sing the hit right behind you. Let’s face it, no one can just read that shirt, can they?

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